Volkswagen Windshield Replacement for Minneapolis-St. Paul Area

Auto Glass Express is the go-to auto glass repair and replacement company for all Volkswagen car models in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. 

Volkswagen vehicles are more demanding to work on because of their unique options, close tolerances, and state-of-the-art design. Many experienced auto glass technicians struggle with these types of cars because they just don’t work on them often enough to develop their skills. But, we work on them every day.

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Insurance Claims for Volkswagen Auto Glass Repair and Replacement

We understand setting up an insurance claim can feel overwhelming or confusing. This is why we have highly-trained, professional staff waiting to assist you with your VW windshield replacement. We will handle all of the insurance paperwork, assist you in setting up a claim and direct bill your insurance company for you.

Auto Glass Express is approved by and works with all insurance companies. If you choose Auto Glass Express, and you have full glass coverage you will have no out of pocket expenses and your insurance company will not be overcharged.


We Are Recommended by Local VW Dealers

We are the recommended auto glass repair company for many VW vehicle dealers in the Twin Cities area. This means we're able to work with your dealer to spec out the right part for your vehicle and have access to your dealer's service department to do your glass repair while other dealer services are being performed. We work with your insurance company and dealer.

Need a repair or replacement? Call us at 651-494-9252 or fill out a quick online form to schedule an appointment.


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