How to Prevent an Icy Windshield infographic showing numerous ways to prevent an icy windshield.Vinegar Spray

Each night, spray your windshield with a solution of vinegar. Mix three parts vinegar and one part water into a spray bottle. Take the mixture outside and spray it liberally on your windshield, side windows, and rear window. Then wipe down each window with an old rag or squeegee. If you forget to do this the night before, no worries. The solution dissolves on contact so spray your windows and get a little help from the windshield wipers. Never use scalding hot water as your windshield is sensitive to quick changes in temperature. Hot water combined with excessive pressure on the glass from scraping could crack your windshield.


Rubbing Alcohol

Mixing two parts rubbing alcohol and one part water into a spray bottle will also work.


Salt Water

If you have no vinegar or rubbing alcohol, hopefully, you have some salt. A saltwater solution will have the same effect. The science behind all three of these is that they freeze at a lower temperature than normal water.



The idea of using a root vegetable may sound strange, but rubbing half an onion over your car windows and windshield at night will stop frost from forming in the morning. Cut the onion lengthwise and apply it the night before. The oil from the onion line the glass with a coating that works wonders.


Windshield Cover

To truly prevent any snow, ice, or frost on your windshield you can cover it up nicely with its own little blanket. These covers are easy to put on and take off in a matter of seconds. They are quick to store away when not in use, and will easily fit into your trunk and glove box. Find one that fits your vehicle and clearing off your windows will be a breeze. 


No Windshield Cover, No Problem

If you don’t have a windshield cover, other items will work. Car mats work well and are normally easy to find and readily available. Although they won’t cover the entire windshield, they will cover a large portion.  Any type of carpet remnants will work as well as old tablecloths and shower curtains.



Park Facing East

Whenever you can, make sure to park your car facing east and let mother nature clear your windshield. Since the sun rises in the east, it will naturally defrost your windshield and you won’t be stuck scraping ice in the freezing cold. With this trick, you should be able to use your windshield wipers to do the not-so-heavy-lifting for you.

Keep these in mind for your daily battle with snow, ice, and frost. Don’t clear a tiny space with your credit card, then drive off like a tank-commander with only a tiny hole cleared. Spending a few minutes will save you a lot of time and keep you, and others, a little safer on the roads.


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