It’s inevitable that winter driving will entail a moment or two when copious amounts of ice affix to your windshield wipers. The back and forth motion of ice chunks going across your windshield while riding atop each wiper will reach an apex of annoyance. As you pull up to the next red light and while waiting for it to turn green, you roll down your window and lunge at the driver's side wiper blade each time it gets close to your outstretched hand. Grabbing the wiper long enough to hopefully not break it, while still applying enough force to hopefully remove the adhered ice.

This is merely one approach to keep ice off of your windshield wipers and probably not the wisest, either. But what other options are there to keep ice off of wiper blades during winter months?


Defrost the Windshield

As you have time, allow your car to warm up and use the defrost feature on your vehicle’s climate control system. This will warm up the windshield and help the ice around the wiper blades to melt.


Heated Windshield Washer Fluidwipers2

A windshield washer fluid heater will not only improve the performance of your vehicle’s windshield washer system, but it will also help keep ice off the wiper blades. The system heats washer fluid to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and is dispensed from the vehicle’s factory washer reservoir. A device is mounted near the vehicle’s engine compartment and connects to the vehicle battery. Once the vehicle is operating, the washer fluid is heated and is dispersed whenever the driver activates the washer system.

And AlphaTherm, a company that makes such a device, claims that their product has been tested and won’t cause damage when hot water hits a cold windshield.


De-icer Windshield Washer Fluid

Perhaps a more conventional approach is to use a windshield washer fluid that is chemically formulated to prevent icing. Although this fluid can withstand colder temperatures and has a lower freezing point, it may not keep the ice chunks off of the wiper blades. But it is sure to help on the windshield when ice or frost is present.

There are many products and homemade solutions that can serve as a de-icer. Be sure to use something that won’t harm the rubber on the wiper blades so they can still function properly.


Wiper Shaker

This small motor attaches to the arm of your wiper blades and does what its called--it shakes the wipers. By vibrating your windshield wipers, trapped debris is dislodged and removed from the windshield. It claims to free a wiper that is completely frozen in ice, so perhaps, it can also free a wiper covered with ice. Wiper Shaker


Heated Windshield Wipers

Probably the most direct solution to removing ice from wiper blades is with wiper blades that are heated. Everblades is one such product that works in conjunction with the vehicle defrost system. These wiper blades have heating elements inside that radiate heat and prevent the buildup of ice. A second heating system keeps the pivot points of the wiper frame clear.


Wiper Blade CoversFreezeEaseBKInstalled600

Since many times ice will form while the vehicle is parked and not in use, a preventative measure to keep ice off wiper blades is by using wiper blade protective covers. These covers not only prevent wiper blades from adhering to frozen glass, but they keep ice and snow-pack from settling on top of the wiper blade and arm.



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