Be careful when chipping ice from your windshield.

  • It is important that you have a proper scraper to remove ice from your windshield.

  • Broken scrapers or improvised scrapers can scratch your windshield.

  • Make sure to scrape your vehicle from the side.

  • Do not use other tactics like hot water to defrost your windshield.

  • Don’t start driving until you can see through your entire windshield. It can be tempting to just clear a small sightline, but it is not safe.

  • Check your wipers to make sure they will wipe efficiently this winter. Don’t wait until the snow hits and you have to drive to the store with poor visibility.


Watch your chips and cracks.

  • Cold weather can quickly spread chips and cracks.

  • If you have any chips or cracks this fall, you should contact us to repair it. Be proactive with chips and cracks. The fix is often free.

  • Moisture can get into cracks and freeze then expand in warmer weather.

  • The amount of snow on your windshield doesn’t help either.

    A nighttime scene showing several cars parked in a row, completely covered in a thick layer of snow. The snow blankets the vehicles uniformly, obscuring their shapes and creating smooth, undulating mounds.


Be cautious of the temperature if you need to replace your windshield.

  • Many urethanes (a substance that bonds the windshield to a vehicle) can only be at a certain temperature range.

  • Your technician should know if they can replace your windshield outdoors or indoors.


Always use an Auto Glass Safety Council Company (AGSC) for your windshield.

  • These companies have standards, Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards, those big corporations don’t have.

  • Your windshield keeps you safe. Don’t skimp on safety.


We want you to be safe this winter. Here are some winter tips for your car:

  • Consider winter tires for optimal control and traction this winter.

  • Make sure your battery can make it through the winter. Do you have a place to plug your battery in?

  • Check your antifreeze.

  • Check your tire pressure. The cold weather can flatten your tires and make driving tricky.

  • Create a survival kit if you don’t already have it. (blanket, hazard lights, food, etc.)

If you have any questions about your windshield, give us a call at (651) 494-9252 or fill out a quick form.


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