The winter can be a bit annoying at times. Your commute may be longer, colder, and scarier. One way to start your commute off right is to have your car warm and ready for the road. Your windshield is an important part of this. As an Auto Glass company, we see windshields damaged from improper de-icing all of the time. Know how to de-ice the right way!

The Best Way To Remove Ice From Your Windshield

Don’t Skip The De-Icing

In a rush? Don’t just scrape off enough to see through your front windshield. You must be able to see out of every window to drive safely. The sun or light can hit any remaining ice and blind you while driving. Leaving the ice on your car is a safety hazard for other drivers too. Every winter, windshields get damaged from ice falling off of a car and onto the car behind it. Take the extra 5 or 10 minutes to keep you, and everyone else around you, safe.


Use a Proper Ice Scraper

The best ice scrapers to use are the plastic ice scrapers with a soft bristled brush. The brush end will get rid of snow without scraping your car or windows. The plastic scraper won’t harm your car like a makeshift scraper will. Once your defroster has been on for a couple minutes, then you can scrape your windshield off.


Don’t Use Your Wipers

Your wipers are designed to get water off of your windshield, not ice. Using your wipers to get ice off your windshield can ruin your wipers. You may notice your wipers might not wipe efficiently after forcing them to scrape your windshield.  This can result in replacing your wipers more frequently.


Don’t Use Hot Water

It might be tempting to use alternatives like hot water to get rid of ice fast. This will create a rapid temperature change that can crack your windshield. Save the hot water for your hot cocoa.


Use the Defroster

The defroster is in every car for a reason. It works. Try to create a habit of starting up your car and letting the defroster do its job. Start your car while you let the dog out. Start your car before you eat breakfast. Start your car before any 10-15 activity and your windshield will thank you.




Be Patient

Don’t rush de-icing your car. This will allow your defrosters and car to properly warm up.  Just like with winter driving, slow and steady wins the race.



The Ideal Way


The best way to de-ice your car is to start it and let it naturally warm up. Brush off snow while you are waiting and scrape your other windows. Then, after 10-15 minutes you can scrape the ice off of your windshield and go!


Is Your Windshield Already Cracked or Chipped?

If your windshield is already damaged, you should repair it right away. Cold weather can cause your cracks to grow. Scraping your windshield can create more chips or make them spread. Windshield repair and replacement are usually covered by insurance, just give them a call to find out your coverage. If you are too busy, we can file a windshield claim for you and come to your car with our mobile windshield service.

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