These seven tips and techniques will give you a clear view and make your mornings hassle-free. With Auto Glass Express as your trusted resource, you can navigate the roads with ease, knowing you have the know-how to handle winter's icy challenges.

Ready to brave the cold?

  1. Don’t Skip The De-Icing
  2. Use a Proper Ice Scraper
  3. Don't Use Your Wipers
  4. Don't Use Hot Water
  5. Use the Defroster
  6. Be Patient
  7. The Ideal Way


1. Don’t Skip The De-Icing

In a rush? Don’t just scrape off enough to see through your front windshield. You must be able to see out of every window to drive safely. The sun or light can hit any remaining ice and blind you while driving. Leaving the ice on your car is a safety hazard for other drivers too. Every winter, windshields get damaged from ice falling off of a car and onto the car behind it. Take the extra 5 or 10 minutes to keep you, and everyone else around you, safe.

A view from inside a car driving on a snowy highway during a winter storm. The windshield is partially cleared, with the wiper blades leaving streaks of visibility through the snow and ice buildup. Several vehicles, including a van and a car, are ahead on the road, navigating the snow-covered lanes.


2. Use a Proper Ice Scraper

Optimal ice scrapers are the plastic ones with a soft-bristled brush. The brush easily clears snow without damaging your car or windows. Unlike makeshift scrapers, the plastic scraper won't harm your vehicle. After a couple of minutes with the defroster on, you can safely scrape your windshield.


3. Don’t Use Your Wipers

Keep in mind that your windshield wipers are meant to clear water, not ice. Using them to remove ice can cause damage and affect their performance. When you force your wipers to scrape ice off your windshield, you might notice that they don't work as effectively afterward. This can lead to the need for more frequent wiper replacements. It's best to use proper ice scrapers or other methods to remove ice from your windshield instead of relying on your wipers.


4. Don’t Use Hot Water

It might be tempting to seek quick solutions like pouring hot water on your icy windshield for rapid ice removal. However, it's important to exercise caution and avoid this method. The abrupt temperature change caused by hot water can lead to cracks in your windshield, resulting in costly repairs. Leave the hot water for your cozy cup of cocoa instead.


5. Use the Defroster

Take advantage of the built-in defroster in your car—it's there for a reason and it works! Make it a habit to start your car and let the defroster do its job. You can start your car while you let the dog out, before you eat breakfast, or before any quick 10-15 minute activity. By doing so, your windshield will be grateful and ready to go when you are.

A person scraping ice off the windshield of a car from the outside, viewed from the interior of the vehicle. The image captures the gloved hand of the person holding a scraper and making sweeping motions to clear the frosty glass.


6. Be Patient

Take your time when de-icing your car. Allowing your defrosters and car to warm up properly is key. Remember, just like with winter driving, it's best to approach it with a slow and steady pace. Rushing may lead to ineffective de-icing or even potential damage. So, take a deep breath, be patient, and give your car the time it needs to prepare for the journey ahead.


7. The Ideal Way

To de-ice your car effortlessly, start the engine and give it some time to warm up naturally. While waiting, grab a brush and quickly remove any snow from your vehicle. Take a few moments to scrape off the ice from the other windows, ensuring optimal visibility. After about 10-15 minutes, it's time to tackle the icy windshield. Grab your trusty ice scraper and carefully remove the frost, revealing a clear view ahead. Once your windshield is ice-free, you're good to go! Now you can hit the road confidently with a properly warmed-up car and a clear windshield to guide your way.


Is Your Windshield Already Cracked or Chipped?

If your windshield is already damaged, you should repair it right away. Cold weather can cause the cracks to grow and scraping your windshield can create more chips or make them spread. Windshield repair and replacements are usually covered by insurance, just give them a call to find out your coverage. If you are too busy, we can file a windshield claim for you and come to your car with our mobile windshield service.


Finalizing our Frosty Insights

Now that you are equipped with practical tips for effectively removing ice from your windshield, you can say goodbye to those frustrating frozen mornings and confidently tackle winter's challenges. Here are a couple bonus tips before you go:

Consider pre-treating your windshield. You can use a de-icer spray or a simple vinegar and water solution. This will help prevent ice formation or make it easier to remove.

Another helpful tip is investing in a windshield cover. By using a cover or tarp, you can minimize ice buildup overnight, saving you precious time during your morning routine.

Auto Glass Express is your trusted resource for more valuable insights into hassle-free winter driving with a clear view through your windshield.


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