The cold can cause windshield cracks to spread. While snow and ice can fall off the car ahead of you and damage your windshield. Here are some tips for you and your windshield to stay safe during winter advisory tips.


For your windshield

  1. Be careful when cleaning ice from your windshield. Always use a proper scraper that is meant to remove ice from windshields. Improvised windshields can scratch your windshield. Also, we recommend that you scrape the glass from the side of the vehicle, not directly facing the glass, as this can increase the chance of breaking the glass.A person walking along a snow-covered sidewalk in winter, dressed in a heavy coat, scarf, and hat. Snow is gently falling, and the sidewalk is lined with ornate railings covered in snow.

  2. Keep an eye on the chips and cracks in your glass. Frigid temperatures can cause the chip of crack to spread quickly. If you have a chip or crack in your glass, you should contact a local auto glass company right away to find out if it can be repaired to lessen the chances of further spreading. If the chip or crack is in your line of view, then you should consider getting your windshield completely replaced.

  3. Be aware of the temperature if you do need a windshield replacement. Many urethanes (what bonds a windshield to the vehicle) can only be used when the outside temperature is above a certain point. Be sure to check with the technician that the urethane being used is appropriate for cold weather, or make sure they are using an indoor, heated area to install your windshield.

  4. It’s best to use an Auto Glass Safety Council-Registered Member Company for the replacement of your windshield. AGSC- Registered Member Companies have agreed to comply with the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS), which addresses proper procedures, education, and product performance. Companies that register with the AGSC agree to undergo random, on-site third-party audits at least once every four years.

For You

  • Don’t travel if you don’t have to. Try to stay home or at least go into work later once the weather stops.
  • Bring extra clothing and blankets for warmth in an emergency.
  • Pack some granola bars and water in case you or someone else may need them.
  • Fit a shovel in your car if you can.
  • Make sure you have traffic cones, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.
  • Have some kitty litter or sand to weigh down your car. It can also help with traction.
  • Have a phone charger or phone battery in case your phone dies.
  • Let people know when you leave and arrive at your destination.


We hope you have a safe and fun winter season. If you have any windshield questions or think you need a repair/replacement, give us a call at 651-494-9252 or fill out a form today!


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