Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does Auto Glass Express work with my insurance company? Answer: Yes. Auto Glass Express has been approved by and works with all auto glass insurance companies.

Question: How long will it take to replace my windshield? Answer: Auto Glass Express can replace most windshields in less than 1 hour with a safe drive time of 1 hour from the time of completion. Some import vehicles may take a little longer.

Question: How long does it take to repair a windshield rock chip? Answer: Auto Glass Express can repair most rock chips in less than 30 minutes.

Question: How soon can Auto Glass Express repair or replace my auto glass? Answer: In most cases Auto Glass Express can repair or replace your auto glass within 24 hours of your call. However, it is our intent to provide each customer with same-day service if needed.

Question: If I have glass coverage through my insurance company will I have to pay anything? Answer: No. Auto Glass Express will never over charge your insurance company and make you responsible to pay any remaining or unpaid amount. You will only be responsible for any of the costs if you have a deductible.

Question: Can I replace my windshield in the winter? Answer:In very harsh weather conditions, we have shop space available throughout the Twin Cities where we can perform the work in a controlled environment.

Question: Does Auto Glass Express warranty their work? Answer: Yes. All auto glass replacement and repair work comes with a warranty. Please refer to our warranty page.

Question: Can I get a box of steaks or a gift for using Auto Glass Express to repair or replace my auto glass? Answer: No. A few years ago the government made it illegal for any glass shop in Minnesota to give any gift to a customer who is using their insurance to pay for their auto glass repair or replacement. This way your insurance company is charged only for the work completed and not for the work and a gift. If you are paying out of pocket for a repair or replacement Auto Glass Express will not over charge you for the work that is being completed just so you can get a gift. We believe in only charging a fair price for our great product and no gimmicks that only cost you more. Auto Glass Express has never offered incentives for your business. We have always relied on your satisfaction and word of mouth to build our business.