The world is constantly becoming more technologically advanced and the future of auto glass is no different. Windshield technology is improving and Gorilla Glass--a stronger, lighter, and optically advantaged product--is changing the way we look at windshields.

 Gorilla Glass: The Strongest Windshield

The world is constantly becoming more technologically advanced and the future of auto glass is no different. The role of a windshield is growing with advances in technology. Vehicles are becoming more efficient, more comfortable, and better performing. They are also becoming lighter. With lighter vehicles, there is increased emphasis on the importance of auto glass from a structural standpoint. Windshields help maintain the structural integrity of a vehicle. Because of this, windshields are becoming more than just a piece of glass that protects the occupants, they are also becoming stronger!

A Stronger Windshield

A blue 2017 Ford GT sports car on display at an auto show, surrounded by a crowd of people taking photos and admiring the vehicle. The car is showcased under bright lights in a modern, blue-themed exhibition space.

Corning, a company known for cookware, created Gorilla Glass to be thin, light, and damage-resistant. Appropriately, this product was first introduced as a glass cover for mobile phones and tablets in 2007. But over 

time, Corning has expressed a desire for Gorilla Glass to crossover to the automotive market.

After years of improvement and continuous development, it did just that. The 2017 Ford GT became the first car produced that featured a Gorilla Glass windshield. Ford also used Gorilla Glass for the rear window as an acoustic separation wall in the bulkhead. This is the same glass that your cell phone screen features, but larger. And compared to most windshields, this glass is stronger, lighter, and optically advantaged.


Gorilla Glass Qualities

A stronger windshield translates to increased safety. This chemically strengthened glass isn’t marketed as unbreakable or immune to scratches. But it does provide greater protection to keep projectiles out and passengers inside if there is an accident. Through a process of ion exchange, a layer of compressive stress is produced on the surface of the glass making it more resistant to damage. This fusion process creates a thin piece of glass that can withstand a lot of punishment.



At one-third the weight of an ordinary windshield, the lighter weight is practical in helping cars be more fuel efficient. With Gorilla Glass in its design, the Ford GT possesses a lighter windshield, engine cover, and bulkhead glass. All of which lead to increased acceleration and braking performance. Making for a lower center of gravity that contributes to better agility and handling. For those interested in this $450,000 vehicle, rest assured, you will be able to shave a few seconds off your lap times thanks to the advantages of this new technology.

Futuristic car dashboard and steering wheel with green digital displays, including speed, vehicle vitals, and control icons. The windshield displays a large image of a gorilla in a natural setting, with additional information panels showing custom station, temperature profile, and drive mode.

For optics, Gorilla Glass can be used on the interior and acts like LED and touchscreen displays for the dashboard and controls. Since this product was originally made for mobile devices, the glass is exceptionally clean, smooth, and flat. Put this on the dashboard of a vehicle and there is great optical clarity for operator controls. And the thin glass retains sensitivity control and quick response times.  


More Technologies to Come

Stronger, lighter glass is just the beginning. As vehicles become sleeker and more interactive, more technologies will evolve. Touchscreen windshields and Heads Up Displays are already here. And these technologies are more adaptable to a lighter, thinner style of glass like Gorilla Glass.


High-tech Windshield Replacement & Repair

A good glass company can ensure you receive the correct windshield. Although this type of glass is not in the majority of vehicles, glass service companies know what is right for your vehicle. It's proven that Gorilla Glass is less susceptible to damage, but just like your phone, enough trauma can cause it to break. The professionals at Auto Glass Express are approved by all insurance companies. And as a leader in windshield replacement and repair they know how to fix any type of windshield.