Do you have a chip or crack in your windshield? Usually, a windshield claim won’t increase your insurance rates. This all depends on your insurer and your policy. To avoid making any costly mistakes follow the read more!

 Will My Insurance Pay for My Windshield?

How to file a windshield insurance claim:

The Process

  • Check your comprehensive coverage

  • Check your deductible

  • File a claim

  • Get the damage fixed

  • Watch out for fraud

  • Don’t forget to send the receipt


What Is Comprehensive Coverage?

Comprehensive coverage covers damages that weren’t caused by collisions like:

  • Animal collisions

  • Fires

  • Vandalism

  • Storm Damage


Look to see if your insurance includes windshield replacement and repair. 99% of Minnesota policies have auto glass coverage.


Check Your Deductible

Make sure you check your deductible before you file a claim. In Minnesota, there is often no deductible.


File A Claim

Most insurance companies let you file a claim by a phone call, mobile app, online, or in person. They will confirm your coverage and give you some options. These options are important.


  • They’ll send you to a third party company that they have a contract with

  • You can choose your own repair shop


NOTE: You have the right and the choice to go elsewhere.


Contact a Local AGRSS Repair Shop to Fix your Damage

Why should you go elsewhere? To get better quality windows from local shops that follow safety standards. Local shops often struggle to compete with the insurance contracts. To set themselves apart, local shops have excelled in service and safety standards. We highly recommend you choose a local shop. Windshields are a crucial part of your vehicle’s safety - not any glass will suffice.


What Does an AGRSS Certification Mean?

Windshield repair and replacement companies that are AGRSS members means:

  • Adhere to the AGRSS = Approved Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard.

  • They undergo random third-party safety audits and validation.

  • Abide to the Federal, State, and Local legal requirements.

  • Promptly fulfill contractual obligations.

  • Takes steps to encourage other glass shops to adhere to the AGSC/AGRSS Standard.

  • Big contract companies aren’t usually certified and they follow these standards.


Watch out for Fraud

Since we recommend you find a local windshield repair shop near you, here are some tips to make sure the business is legit.

  • They randomly approach you and pitch to fix your windshield.

  • Research your shop beforehand. (Look up some reviews!)

  • Make sure they are AGRSS certified.

  • Look at your bill afterwards to make sure you were charged correctly.


Don’t Forget to Submit Your Receipt

Make sure to send your name, policy number, phone number, and the date of damage to your car insurance company.