If you have a crack in your windshield or car window, it is important to get it fixed immediately. Vehicle windshields are designed to protect you from the dangers of the road. One small crack can compromise the technology and diminish the safety features.

The Pros and Cons of Replacing Your Own Windshield

The question is, do you do it yourself or have a professional take care of it? To help you make a decision, here are some pros and cons of using a car glass repair kit.

Pros of replacing your own windshield

  • Cost- If you don’t have insurance, this is a much cheaper option.

  • On your own schedule- You do not have to be held to a specific appointment time.

  • You learn a new skill- You can now say that you put your own windshield in!

Cons of replacing your own windshield

  • Lack of experience- Technicians deal with these issues every day and have been trained to know the solutions.

  • Applying the right amount of pressure- If you apply too much pressure, the windshield could break during installation. If you don’t add enough, it might not stick.

  • Time- Some repair shops will come to your car to do the fix. So that means you can be at work and have it done without an interruption. If you install it yourself, that is time you can’t get back.

  • Warranty- Auto glass repair shops normally have a guarantee in place. If you do it yourself and something goes wrong, you will just have to fork out the time and money for another.

  • Insurance- Most insurances will cover windshield damages and won’t note them on your policy. Therefore, doing it yourself would actually be more expensive.

  • Lack of equipment- Technicians have the special tools to put the windshield on correctly. Without these, it is much harder to do it right.

  • Safety- If you put in your own windshield wrong and get in a crash, it could cause you your life.

  • Technology- These days, there are so many electronics that could be ruined if you do not avoid them in your windshield install. Many GPS sensors, heated wiper rests, and radio antennas are located on your windshield which would be very expensive to replace.

Overall, the consensus based on internet votes is that you should not DIY for this project. The risk is just not worth the cost benefits.