Technology is pouring into the auto industry and changes are taking place all the time. But what does this mean for the auto glass industry?

The Challenges of Replacing Windshields in the Modern Era

Technology is pouring into the auto industry at an unprecedented rate. Disruptive changes have occurred and will continue to occur as the auto industry is not afraid of adapting to new trends. From augmented reality that will assist in driver safety to fully autonomous vehicles that will one day populate the road. The advancements in technology are great for the industry and for its users. As one component of the auto industry, auto A view from inside a car showcasing advanced driver-assistance technology. The image displays a digital overlay on the windshield, highlighting various alerts and navigation information. The dashboard instruments are illuminated, and the road ahead is visible through the windshield, with warning symbols and a map projection providing real-time driving data and safety companies are doing their part and keeping pace with these advancements. They are using new materials, electronics, and sensors within the glass to complement many technologies on the vehicle. But with these changes, come challenges for replacing and repairing windshields.

The days of replacing a windshield by the rudimentary procedure of simply removing the glass are nearly over. This once simple process must now account for numerous advanced driver assistance systems. And these systems are dependent on the windshields position and integrity. Additionally, integrated sensors, displays, and camera mounting brackets also impact the repair procedure. These complexities add more responsibility for certified windshield technicians. Because replacing windshields is one thing. But replacing windshields and ensuring that the vehicle, and all its systems are working properly, is much more difficult.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Many new systems found in vehicles are related to crash avoidance technology. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) was the most known feature that became standard on every new car sold. The issue with ABS is that it required the driver to press the brake pedal before the computers could do their work and bring the vehicle to a stop. Now car manufacturers have improved that system by creating Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB). This system recognizes when the driver isn’t doing their job and will actually stop the car for them. By using radars and lasers these systems measure the distance to other vehicles and react if the distance becomes too small at a great rate. Before too long, many vehicles will have this feature.



Lane Departure Warning

Lane departure warning systems are another crash-avoidance feature. They warn the driver when the vehicle begins to move out of its lane which will minimize accidents. This feature combats driver error, distractions, and drowsiness and is monitored by a series of sensors.



What does this mean for windshield replacement?

As a result of technology, modern cars are much more complicated. The windshields position and integrity are more than a safety feature. It is also dependent on many integrated systems. Gone are the days of replacing a windshield and letting the resin dry. A modern-day windshield replacement is quite complicated and requires enormous precision. Making sure the resin dries properly is one part. But checking the calibration for advanced driver assistance system sensors and cameras is another part of the job. And a minuscule difference during the replacement process can affect the performance these systems.

This also magnifies the importance to have your windshield replaced by an AGRSS Certified technician. AGRSS--Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard--represents the auto glass replacement industry’s best practices. It embodies the expertise of professionals and addresses critical areas of the auto glass installation process. The professionals at Auto Glass Express are AGRSS certified technicians and dedicated to the safe replacement of auto glass. Call them today and know that your modern windshield will be repaired or replaced by a company that adheres to the highest standards in the auto glass industry.