Everyone's time is valuable and dealing with a cracked windshield is something you don't plan for. Thankfully, the hassle of this inconvenience can be greatly minimized by a mobile auto glass repair service.

When you get a crack on your windshield, it can quite the hassle and inconvenience. You have to call an auto glass company, schedule an appointment, drive to the shop, and wait for the repair. All of this is unplanned and takes time away from your work or personal life. But what if there is an easier way? Have you considered calling a mobile auto glass repair service? As your local mobile auto glass repair shop in the Twin Cities, Auto Glass Express will not only repair or replace your windshield, but you’ll receive the following benefits with our mobile auto glass service.

Safety Benefits of Mobile Windshield Services

Damage to your windshield increases safety risks. When the crack or chip is blocking the field of vision you have less visibility and a greater likelihood of hitting another vehicle. A cracked windshield is also more susceptible to shattering. And since windshields provide integral support to the vehicle’s roof, the vehicle is more susceptible to being crushed if involved in an accident when the glass is cracked.

The Convenience of Mobile Windshield Services

Convenience matters, not just to working people, but to everyone. If your car breaks down, you do not always have the luxury of having repairs done on the side of the road. Instead, you schedule an appointment, wait at the shop for the repairs to be done, then drive home. This is not the case with mobile auto glass repair. This incredibly accommodating service will come to you and on your schedule. You can arrange to have the mobile service meet you at whatever location is most convenient for you, whether that is your driveway at home or parking lot at work.

A business setting featuring three professionals. On the left, a man in a suit is talking on the phone, appearing engaged in conversation. In the center, a woman with glasses and wearing a red blazer is smiling while working on a computer. On the right, another woman, dressed in business attire, is attentively listening, indicating a collaborative work environment.Your Boss will like Mobile Windshield Service

It can be difficult to take time off of work or use up a lunch hour to have your windshield repaired. Our mobile service can come to your workplace and fix your windshield and have the damage repaired before your drive home. Wherever you are located in the Twin Cities, our mobile service can get to you to take care of your glass repairs.

Financial Savings of Mobile Windshield Services

After all, time is money--and your time is very valuable. Not having to drive to a repair shop will save some dollars in gas and mileage, and not having to sit at a shop during a repair will allow you to spend your time doing something else. With Auto Glass Express free mobile service, you will receive the same level of professionalism, but the technician comes to you. The repair or replacement with incur a fee which is normally covered by insurance, but there is no charge for us driving to you. After all, we want you to be safe. And coming to your location may be the best option for you, your vehicle, and your safety.


Contact Auto Glass Express today to find out about mobile windshield repair and how you, your schedule, and your finances can benefit. Many times a mobile repair shop offers increased availability and more flexible hours than a stationary repair shop. So give us a call or request a quote online for timely mobile windshield repair and replacement services in the Twin Cities area.


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