Sunroofs are more common in all types of vehicles and with advances in vehicle design, they are becoming quite large. Now, there are widespread reports of sunroofs exploding for no apparent reason. What can you do to protect yourself from the exploding sunroof phenomenon?

Protecting Yourself from Exploding Sunroofs

There is much uncertainty over the cause of sunroof explosions that are occurring in vehicles. Some believe the sunroofs are under engineered; while others believe it to be a manufacturing flaw. Regardless, it is nearly impossible for a consumer to differentiate a stable sunroof from a vulnerable one. This leaves the consumer reliant on the quality-control process by manufacturers as their only measure for safety. Although this is good, here are a few additional steps to protect yourself from buying a car that may be susceptible to an exploding sunroof.A vehicle with and hole in its sunroof. Likely an explosion in the sunroof.

Inquire about the vehicle warranty

Much of the debate around exploding sunroofs centers on who is at fault. Manufacturers believe that the exploding sunroofs are caused by environmental factors, like changes in the temperature or debris hitting the glass. But drivers who have had their sunroofs explode are maintaining that it was a random occurrence due to a safety defect or poor engineering. Regardless, when purchasing a vehicle ask if the warranty covers manufacturing flaws and breakage to the sunroof.

Check with your insurance company

Because of the inability to diagnose an exact reason for the exploding sunroof phenomenon, insurance companies haven't fully decided if their coverage applies. Ask to make sure your auto insurance covers the vehicle’s warranty. Some insurance policies do, and others do not cover the replacement of an exploding sunroof.

Be mindful of the warning signs

Although symptoms are limited and sometimes not even present, a few sunroofs that have exploded made popping sounds before bursting. If you hear these type of sounds coming from your sunroof, it is best to take notice and bring your car to a dealership immediately.

Document the damage

If you find yourself in a vehicle when the sunroof explodes, it is likely to be very loud and unexpected. Do your best to remain calm and maintain control of the vehicle. From there, you are now at the scene of an accident so document the damage. Take photographs, note the weather conditions, and if any debris could have played a role. Talk to witnesses (if any) and get their contact information and account of what happened.A car with a shattered panoramic sunroof. The roof's glass is completely broken, with shards scattered across the edges and some remaining pieces still attached to the frame.

Contact the NHTSA

Because the exact cause of exploding sunroofs is unknown, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) relies on this information to identify safety-related defects in vehicles. Contact them to report an incident so that information can be used to make safety changes and develop solutions.

Contact the dealer and manufacturer

This is where things may get dicey. Some dealers may make amends and replace the sunroof immediately while others will get the work done and send a large bill to the vehicle owner. Be firm with them. Because if the explosion appears to be random and there is no evidence that environmental factors were to blame (e.g. flying debris or extreme weather changes), dealers and manufacturers do not have solid ground to stand on.

Call your insurance company

If you don’t get anywhere with the dealer or manufacturer to cover the repair, your insurance company may be able to persuade them. They will do whatever they can to have the manufacturer or dealer cover the cost. And if not, your insurance policy may cover the cost.

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