Lexus Windshield Replacement & Repair Experts

Auto Glass Express is an experienced and well-respected auto glass repair company for all Lexus models in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. We have more than 20 years of experience doing Lexus windshield replacements and other auto glass repairs, and we consider luxury vehicles a specialty of ours. Luxury vehicles like Lexus are more demanding to work on because of all the options they offer, their state-of-the-art design and close tolerances.


Some technicians may struggle working on luxury windshields because they don't work on them very often. Our techs work on them every day and have developed the skills to do the job right.


We'll Work With Your Insurance Company

We want to make your auto glass repair or replacement service as easy and convenient as possible, that's why we will take care of the insurance claim process for you. We will handle all of the insurance paperwork, assist you in setting up a claim and directly bill your insurance company for you.

Auto Glass Express is approved by and works with all insurance companies. In addition, if you have full glass coverage you can feel confident that you will not have out of pocket expenses and your insurance company will not be overcharged.


We're Recommended by Minnesota Lexus Dealers

We have long-standing relationships with Minnesota Lexus dealers which means we can ensure that we get the right part for your vehicle and we can even do a repair while you vehicle is being serviced at the dealership. When you call your dealership for a new window, like Lexus of Wayzata location, they will refer you to us. Why? Because we excel at installing luxury windshields. 

If you have questions about replacing and repairing glass on your Lexus, give us a call 651-494-9252.


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