You got a chip in your windshield on the way home, now you aren’t sure if you can continue to drive or if you should take it into the shop. Find out your answer here!

Aren’t we all excited to ring in the new year? 2017 will be a chance to start anew and lose old habits. When making your list of new year's resolutions, the first thing on your mind might not be car care. But it definitely should take part.

Hail storms come without a warning and can destroy your vehicle, costing you a lot of money.  

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Your car is probably one of your biggest investments and therefore you want to keep it in great shape. Did you know? 99% of Minnesotans have full glass coverage and a choice of their auto glass company. Your insurance company may have a national brand picked out for you, but you have the choice to pick local, certified experts.

If you have a crack in your windshield or car window, it is important to get it fixed immediately. Vehicle windshields are designed to protect you from the dangers of the road. One small crack can compromise the technology in your windshield and diminish the vehicle's safety features.

You are driving down the road (most likely the highway) and you hear a loud noise. You might have even flinched from the debris hitting the glass in front of you. Then you see it, the chip or crack in your windshield. So… what do you do next?

It can get cold and nasty during Minnesota winters. Your windshield has to endure this too. Winter Advisories usually warn us about cold temps, wind, ice, and snow. All of these can be hazardous to your windshield.

What you know about windshield repair and replacement is a lie! You may think that calling your insurance agency and getting referred to a company is the proper way to replace your windshield, but it’s not. You have the right to choose your own windshield repair company, and you should!