remove ice from your windshield without damaging it

 The winter can be a bit annoying at times. Your commute may be longer, colder, and scarier. One way to start your commute off right is to have your car warm and ready for the road. Your windshield is an important part of this. As an Auto Glass company, we see windshields damaged from improper de-icing all of the time. Know how to de-ice the right way!

Wondering whether you can fix a windshield chip yourself? Chances are, you shouldn't and insurance should cover the fix.

A rock chip in your windshield can be really annoying. And if you aren’t ready to spend for a new windshield, you may be able to fix the chip with a windshield repair kit. These kits are available at auto parts stores and are inexpensive compared to a complete repair. However, it is important to keep some things in mind if you do-it-yourself (DIY).

Auto Glass Express sponsors the Bear'ly Open.

Auto Glass Express is proud to sponsor Bear'ly Open again. The golf on ice tournament will be held on February 6th. All of the proceeds go to the White Bear Area Emergency Food Shelf. So far, the event has contributed over $96,000 to the food shelf. To form your own team, contact the Bear'ly Open website. 

What to know before you get your auto glass replaced.

When you get a crack in your windshield or a window breaks, you just want it repaired quickly and correctly. But, before you hire someone to make the fix, there’s a few things you should know about the company, auto glass in general, and what you deserve as a customer.

How to file an auto glass insurance claim.

An auto glass insurance claim is a request made to an insurance company for compensation following an incident that results in damage. Auto glass repairs can be expensive, so you will want to know how to file an insurance claim.

Windshield Chip

Why should you repair windshield chips? Well, there are safety and financial reasons for why it should be taken care of as soon as possible. But here are five additional reasons that should be considered.

How to take care of your windshield in the winter.

Winter is coming! Cold weather can take a toll on you, your car, and your windshield. Save money by being prepared. Check out this quick winter tip list.

Auto Glass Express sponsors the Bear'ly Open again.

We are proud to sponsor both courses at the annual Bear'ly Open winter golf tournament. This year’s event will be held on February 6 and 7, 2015. The Community Dance is on February 6 at White Bear Country Inn and the Golf Event is on February 7 at Ramsey Beach.

All net proceeds go to the White Bear Lake Area Food Shelves – where the need has never been greater. To date, the event has contributed over $78,000 to the Area Food Shelves. Based on the purchasing power of the food shelves, this has resulted in over $700,000 dollars worth of food products.