Aren’t we all excited to ring in the new year? 2017 will be a chance to start anew and lose old habits. When making your list of new year's resolutions, the first thing on your mind might not be car care. But it definitely should take part.

New Years Resolutions For Car Care

Your car is probably one of your biggest investments and therefore you want to keep it nice. Small acts of care can really increase the life of your car. To help you add to your new year’s resolutions, we have compiled a list for you.

Service your car regularly

Usually, if you take your car to the dealership, they will give you a list at the end of your appointment that says what you need to get fixed. Follow that sheet!

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This means getting your oil changed regularly too. Dealerships often suggest every 3000 miles or 3 months. Most oil change servicers will even put a sticker on your windshield that tells you exactly what mileage you will be due.  If you go too long without an oil change it can cause severe problems with your engine.


There are rumors that dealers try to convince you to buy services that you don’t need. You can test this by checking your car manual. It will tell you about how often you need to get parts serviced. If it matches what the dealer says, then you know it’s about that time. If it doesn’t match, you can bring it up to the service department and ask why they are recommending it be done.

Don’t wait until “E” to get gas

Besides the fact that you could run out of gas and not make it to your destination, it is bad for your car. Having an empty gas tank can overheat your fuel pump and cause it to fail.


Be easy on the brakes

Do you wait until the last minute to brake? If so, you might already know that this causes a lot of wear and tear on your car. Try to break the habit as quickly as possible. It’s dangerous and also cost you a lot of money for repairs and new tires.

Stop speeding

Going over 65 miles per hour significantly reduces your gas mileage. By reducing your speed, you can save a lot of money over the year!

Check your fluids regularly

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Make sure things like radiator fluid, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluid, washer fluid, and coolant are all at good levels. This will help your car to perform at top capacity and allow you to check for leaks.

Rotate and fill tires

You need to rotate your tires every 6000-8000 miles to keep the wear and tear even on all 4 wheels.

Most new cars will tell you the air pressure in each of your tires, but if it doesn’t be sure to check it regularly. Then fill the tires when they are below recommended levels. Check the pressure recommended by your manufacturer to be at optimal levels.


Park at the end of the parking lot

It may be an extra trek into the store, but parking far away deters others from parking near you. This will help prevent door dings and the chance of being hit. It may also help you on your other new year's resolutions if you are looking to do more exercise.

Go through the car wash regularly

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Dirt or salt buildup can wreck your paint or cause rust. Taking a trip through the car wash regularly and getting your car detailed every once in a while can really help keep it in good condition.

Start your car a few minutes before driving

Although with new cars this process can be short, the oil in your car needs about 1 to 2 minutes in the freezing cold to warm up. This also will give your windshield time to defrost. No need to let it run too long, though. That will just waste gas and harm the environment.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday!